Visit to Maya Vista, Cottages at Crystal Falls, & Townhomes at Crystal Falls

William Lyon Homes Trinity

Today, Javier Reyes and I had a first walk-through appointment scheduled with our clients. We had first met them at an open house in August. After conducting a thorough home search of both existing and newly constructed homes our clients decided to go with a 2656 sq. ft. 5-bedroom, 3 bath home in the Maya Vista neighborhood of Leander Texas.

We met with Justin, a construction supervisor with William Lyon Homes. He was friendly and professional. We began in the garage of the new home. Justin explained the functions of the Rainbird sprinkler system – including the handy Wi-Fi connnection that allows the owners to control their sprinklers from their phone. The garage door opener also had Wi-Fi connection through the MyQ system.

We spent about an hour carefully checking the new home for any spots of paint, dry wall damage, and flooring. We also checked the exterior landscaping and siding. We marked the house with blue and green tape for the workers to return and fix any issues or concerns. Overall, I was very impressed with our first walk-through inspection with William Lyon Homes. Only minor spots of paint, dry wall dings, or scratches were found. In short, nothing serious. I have no doubt that Justin will have addressed all our concerns by our second inspection in 2 weeks.

Since Javier and I were in Leander Texas, we decided stop by Cottages at Crystal Falls and Townhomes at Crystal Falls for an investor client. Cottages are a good description of these cute little Craftsman-style homes built by Brookfield Residential. We liked some of the floorplans, but others felt cramped in the living/dining/kitchen area.

Cottages at Crystal Falls
Cottages at Crystal Falls

The Townhomes at Crystal Falls are built in a series of eight homes per building just outside the Fairways by Prominence Homes. Prominence took over the project from Austin-based Novo. The townhomes each share walls with their neighbor and do not have backyards. On the plus side, these are the most affordable homes inside Crystal Falls and the thoughtful floor plans made the most use of a small space.

Both the Cottages at Crystal Falls and the Townhomes at Crystal Falls would be a good option for anyone who doesn’t require a lot space and is looking for the most affordable option with full-access to the wonderful amenities and beautiful Hill Country views of Crystal Falls.

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